Apr 14, 2008

The Here and Now

"Where are you now?" Here and everywhere. Urban, nomadic, multifunctional. We are mobile and able to navigate the varied responsibilities of our lives unburdened by gadgets or jobs that pin us down to one location in space, one moment in time, one focus.

We need a new word for how we, as urban dwellers, live, work , love, relate and engage with the world. In the article "Nomads at last", the Economist coined the term "techno-Bedouins" to describe 21st century nomads. But I think we are in need of a better aggregate word as we seek to understand ourselves, our interactions and the way we shape our world.

We vibrate with a hum of constant connectivity, not external motion. Simultaneously localized and global, we participate in the rewards and consequences of an ubietous and ubiquitous culture. We are both rooted in our local communities and constantly connected to the larger trends and happenings of the planet.

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